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He's my best friend

I really wanted to give my Daddy something special to remember our great adventure. So I racked my brains and asked my Mummy to help me. We came up with the idea of getting a little animated film made for him which tells him how I feel about him and our journey.

Rosie and our other lovely friends at Bliink helped create it along with Ross Plaskow, a super clever animator. Thank you!

What you may not know about my Daddy is that he also had a difficult time last year. He had a really nasty waterskiing accident and his injuries were so serious, it could have ended very badly with him losing his foot unless he had emergency surgery. The very clever consultant Sam Singh worked his magic and made him better.

So, for both of us old dogs to get ourselves sorted out in 2016, me getting used to not being able to see and Daddy's foot and ankle getting better, completing our great adventure was something very special.

The film is also a little thank you to all of you who sponsored us...

My Daddy loves his film, I hope you do too!

Wags & licks

Basil x

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