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Day Eleven - dog or toy?

Today's weather: warm and overcast

It was an exciting start to the day as Daddy was on the radio talking about our walk. My day started well too as our lovely landlady Lisa gave me a cuddle before we set off.

While I was waiting for Daddy to finish his interview I was thinking about how many people we have met on our travels who have asked Daddy if I'm real dog! Daddy always says, "It might be a bit unusual to have a dog on my back but it would be very strange if I was carrying a stuffed one!" People are funny things sometimes.

Anyway, we have walked through two national parks so far but are in farm land now until we get to the North York Moors next week. The only variety today came from whether we were passing wheat, barley or oats

I had a rest on a big roll of hay like a shredded wheat

I hope tomorrow will be a bit more interesting!

Wag and licks

Basil xx

Today's tune: We walk the same line - Everything But The Girl

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