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Day Sixteen - we did it!

Today's weather: overcast and showery

The final day of my big adventure! It's hard to believe that we have travelled 200 miles.

I woke up today and decided I would walk as much as I could today. It made the journey slow for Daddy but I wanted to make the most of our last day.

Our accommodation had been a bit basic so we were glad to be on our way early.

We started off with a long walk through lovely woods.

And then out onto the moor with views of Whitby and the sea in the distance.

I was a bit scared because Dracula lives there and I didn't want to become a vampire so asked Daddy if we could avoid going there.

Daddy said not to worry as he had really garlicky breath which would keep him away.

I was also a bit worried that Daddy might have worn his legs down with all the walking he's done so we stopped to check he hadn't shrunk. Phew, he seemed to be the same height as when we started our journey.

Mummy often says she thinks Daddy lives in a bubble - well, here's the proof he does!

Then it was a long slog across boggy moor, not to be confused with World Cup hero Bobby Moore.

And finally out to the cliffs and the descent into Robin Hood's Bay where our epic adventure would end.

Mummy and her daddy Hector were there to meet us, as was our lovely new friend Helen, who has been following my adventure. She heard about what we were doing through Coast magazine and it was such a treat for her to come down and meet us at the finishing line. Helen, thank you for my gorgeous goody bag of presents. You really have spoilt me!

We all walked down to the sea together and me and Daddy put our paws in the water to mark the end of our epic adventure.

And just when we thought the excitement was over, Daddy's relatives Carol, Kate, Julie, Steven, Ruby and Max surprised us by coming to see us at Robin Hood's Bay. Kate brought her fabulous dogs George and Gracie who are both rescue dogs all the way from Dallas!! Daddy was overwhelmed and loved seeing them all sooooo much.

What a day! So many things happened that were truly exciting.

I'm absolutely exhausted and will sleep well tonight.

I'm going to write one final post tomorrow so look forward to signing off then and saying goodbye to all you lovely people who have followed me and my Daddy.

Wag and licks

Basil xx

Today's tune: Let's have a party - Wanda Jackson

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