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Day Thirteen - back to Daddy's roots

Today's weather: sunny intervals and dry

Today we've been walking in barking distance of where Daddy was born and brought up. We were on the beautiful Cleveland Hills heading towards the North York Moors. It was so much more interesting than the last few days' journey.

Daddy came across all nostalgic and sat me on his knee, gave me a toffee and told me stories of his adventures when he was a pup growing up near here.

He says that we are making new stories now that he will treasure forever.

It was also fun today as I made some new friends, Tigger and Zippy, they were lovely, even though I was a little shy!

There's been lots of hills to climb and lovely views.

Daddy saw the sea for the first time since we left St Bees 13 days ago. I can't quite believe we've come this far.

It just goes to show what you can do when you have the heart of a dog.

Wag and licks

Basil xx

Today's tune: Going back to my roots - Odyssey

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