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Day Ten - over meadow and farm

Today's weather: hot and sunny

We set off this morning through more meadows and fields by the River Swale.

Daddy was being a bit slow so I led the way.

As we were walking along the valley a giant octopus came up behind us.

Daddy didn't notice it but luckily I did. I jumped out of my carrier and leapt on it and scared it off! Grrrrr...

We stopped for a drink and a rest by some beautiful wild thyme which smelled lovely.

Daddy said it would be the only 'wild time' I'd be having today as it's bath night and early to bed as I was up late last night with a poorly tummy - all better now! We also need to get to bed early because Daddy is going to be on Talk Radio tomorrow morning at 9.30am talking to the lovely Penny Smith about our adventure. He needs to be wide awake and charming in the morning. I'll need to help him prepare what he's going to say - he can ramble on!

Wag and licks

Basil xx

Today's tune: Walking my baby back home - Jonny Ray

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