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Day Seven - hotdog

Today's weather: sunny & hot, hot, hot

Summer finally came today as we set off over the moors. Daddy had to take lots of water and sunblock so he didn't get burned to a crisp. I keep telling him to wear a hat but he won't listen to me.

The sun baked down all day. There was no shade anywhere so we stopped a lot so I could cool down.

Finally we came to a stream so Daddy helped me to have a little swim and then I had a nap in the shade.

It was a long hike then to our bed for the night but we are here safe and sound and are lovely and cool. Phew!

Strangely we didn't see anyone on our walk today apart from a few shetland ponies. You know what they say about mad dogs and englishmen!!

Wags and licks

Basil xx

Today's tune: Hot, Hot, Hot - Arrow

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